Heat Your Floors
The floor heating system from Warmzone uses the thinnest cable available. The ComfortTile heating cable is only 1/8" in diameter. This high quality heating cable has a copper nickel alloy conductor, is insulated with a thin layer of Tefzel, and is protected by a stainless steel braid. The heating cable is designed to generate 10 to 15 watts per square foot, which is enough to provide sufficient heat for an entire room in most situations. Tile setters and installers can now install tile over a floor heating system without worrying about cutting or damaging the cable because of the cable's thin profile and protective covering. This system is easy to install and comes with an industry leading, 25-year warranty.
System Components & Installation
The ComfortTile heating cable can be installed by any "do-it-yourselfer," contractor, or electrician. The thin cable and unique spacing gages allow the system to be custom fit into any size or shaped area. A Programmable, 7-day setback thermostat is included in the system pricing.
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Shipping included on any ComfortTile system.
Because of the thin cable (only 1/8"), it can be installed directly in the thinset. No additional mortar is needed resulting in zero floor buildup. The cable can be installed directly on the wood subfloor or on a concrete board. The cable is spaced at 2-inches to obtain 12 watts per square foot, which is recommended for space heating and supplemental floor warming in most situations. This high quality product offers excellent results and competitive pricing with price of under $9 per square foot when heating more than 65 square feet. For help determining the heatable square feet for your project, click here.

Programmable Thermostat  
The ComfortTile Heating system is controlled by a thermostat with a built-in GFCI and in-floor sensor. This programmable thermostat has a built-in clock function that allows you to set 4 events per day, including weekday and weekend settings. The temperature can also be temporarily changed for a single event, then it will return to the program schedule on the next scheduled event. Click here for more detailed information on this thermostat.  
Technical Specs:
    Microprocessor-optimized PIA Heating cycles: 15 minutes Accuracy: 0.5C / 0.9F
    Epoxy-soundproofed relay: Quiet operation
    7-day, 4 time periods/day, 2 temp. settings Pre-programmed or personalized schedule Early Start function Selectable 12- or 24-hour format / C or F
    124 x 70 x 23 mm / 4.9 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches Floor sensor: 4.6 m / 15 feet

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI) included - no need to buy separate safety cutoff
  • GFCI test light verifies safety cutoff is functioning properly and alerts if a leak is detected
  • Advanced temperature control ensures total comfort by minimizing temperature variations
  • ON/STANDBY switch enables thermostat shutdown at end of heating season for added security
  • Remote input works with phone or alarm system (telephone controller required)
  • Temporary bypass enables temperature override without changing programming
  • Battery-free backup means no re-programming your schedule after power outage